A project conceived to leverage the excellent water resources the Balearic Islands can offer to sports, schools and companies through the organisation of events.


Sport is about excitement, Majorca is excitement. We want to create excitement in each and every event, generate learning and physical and emotional well-being.


The origin of this project and our habitat. Majorca’s treasure: its beaches and swimming pools.


We love to move; we rather move. We walk towards new challenges, driven by your ideas.


Our goal: to promote a healthy lifestyle by making sport accessible for everyone. From the school through to companies, sport for everyone.

Get to know us

Co-founder & Business manager

David Marjalizo Fernández

David, an entrepreneur by nature with a long business career, provides his expertise and experience to manage this project.
He loves sports, and even more so since it has become part of his family routine: “We made water polo part of our children’s everyday life: the best decision we ever made!”

“My aim is to be able to generate a solid structure so that wateremotion’s events will excite people.”

Co-founder & General manager

Itziar Antón Cuesta

Itzi has been a sports psychologist, trainer and water polo player for more than 15 years, and this project is her dream come true. Her enterprising nature and continuous training as a psychologist has enabled her to combine all her facets.
Her experience in managing teams and athletes is essential in ensuring that the events we organise are a success.
“I like to know that the work I do helps athletes broaden their horizons.”
Assistant manager

Andrea Guardiola Zafra

Andrea, an athlete, trainer and CAFYD (Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport) student, has enjoyed all aspects of water polo, and continues to do so. She loves children, which prompted her to combine her work as a player on a national category team with training up-and-coming athletes.
“I love this project because it allows me to combine sports, training and a healthy lifestyle.”
Assistant manager

Joan Francesc Lladó Tomás

Joan Francesc, a higher technician in Promotion of Physical and Sports Activities, tried his hand at water polo and never looked back. “When I switched from football to water, I never imagined that I would end up loving this sport so much.”
He is a sports player, trainer and coordinator and goes out of his way to bring out the best in each and every sportsperson.

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